Lee Behnken was originally born in Dayton, Ohio which isn't very far from his current place of residence in Brookville, Ohio. Lee was born and raised in this small town and even graduated there as well. His mom was Bonna Lee Behnken and his dad was Bob Behnken. In 2009, his dad passed away. He and his family have been Christians their whole lives.

Lee's childhood was good when he was growing up. He had a loving family that he loved very much. "I loved my parents and three brothers, and they loved me," he stated. Lee's family had given him some greate memories while he was a child.

When Lee was nine years old, he began singing nd learning to play the guitar. Lee specifically recalls the start of his music ministry, which startd in Sunday school at the church he and his parents attended. As he grew older, he moved onto singing in the children's choir directed by his mom, Bonna. Here, he sang and played the guitar until he was eleven years old. At eleven, he had his first ever worship service where he had a "special music" performance in which he sang and played his guitar.

As Lee continued to develop his skills, he started to expand his ministry more. During the ages of twelve to fourteen, he started playing for youth gatherings. "I have led worship for many different youth services. Some of them were summer youth camps. One of the highlights was when I traveled to the Bahamas and Germany to leady worship for youth ministries," he stated, "Then when I was fifteen, I had joined a Christian singing group called 'Just Us Singers.' With this group, I had played and sung in hundreds of churches throughout my teen years."

When he was fourteen, Lee had recalled one of his favorite memories from that time in his life. The one he specifically remembered was when he spent summers at a YMCA camp called Northwoods Camp on Temagami, Lake Ontario. "This was a wilderness canoe based camp. My longest canoe trip started at Red Lake Road on the west side of Ontario, which then crossed the province of the Albany River. The seven-hundred-mile wilderness trip ended at Fort Albany, on James Bay, in Northern Ontario," he recalled.

His teenage years were just as good as his childhood where he enjoyed spending time with close friends. His favorite sport throughout his high school years was wrestling even though he had other hobbies he loved to do. Some of his favorite hobbies were hunting, fishing, and trapping. He also loved camping and to go biking.

Whereas teenagers tend to fall away from the path that Jesus wants everyone to follow, Lee stayed true to his beliefs and convictions. "My family, including myself, didn't consider skipping church. I attended the church where my father grew up and met my mother. My grandparents met there as well along with my great grandparents; my great, great grandparents; my great, great, great grandparents; and my great, great, great, great grandparents had met. They had all met through the same ministry starting with my great, great, great, great grandparents in 1821 when they worshipped in a little log church down by the Wolfcreek. So, attending worship services on Sunday morning was a deep cultural norm and heritage in our family," he said.

After he graduated from Brookville High School, he went to Concordia Lutheran College in Ann Arbor, Michigan his freshman year of college. He then ended up transferring to the University of Cincinnati his sophomore year. From here, he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati, he went and worked for his father's investment firm which was where he obtained his insurance license and stock broker license (commonly referred to as the Series 7 license in the investment industry). He continued working there until he began focusing full time on the ministry in 1993. He did some counseling as well, but never in a professional capacity, nor did he ever use his Psychology degree.

As Lee began to get his ministry going, he had some major accomplishments and even more once his ministry begun. One major accomplishment that he achieved through his ministry was thta he became a singer and a songwriter. In 1988, he had produced his first CD, "A Boy and His Guitar" which then made him a producer. Another accomplishment is that he released three songs within the United States that had regional success and charted on contemporary Christian radio stations around the U.S. They were "Dance", "Bop", and "Hear My Cry."

Later, Lee went on to release six more projects through his ministry. They were "Jesus Is God", "Out of the Dark and Into the Light", "Surrender Worship and Praise", "Remember and Return", "Celebrate the Birth", and "On Earth as it is in Heaven." "Jesus Is God" ended up becoming a major release internationally. Lee also released an aggressive music video called "The Christian Anthem." This was an anthem affirming America's Christian Heritage and affirming the heritage of themany Republics who have modeled their nation's constitutions after the U.S. Constitution. His "On Earth As It Is In Heaven...There is Hope In Jesus" project was a feature-length DVD of an evening of praise and worship.

As Lee's ministry continued to grow, he went on tour in various countries. He has toured in Russia, Siberia, Ukraine, and the Far East upon his release "Jesus Is God." He toured Siberia in the winter of 1992 and the summer of 1993. He toured Uzbekistan in the summer of 1993 as well. He started touring in the Philippine Islands in the fall of 1994 until 2005 in which he witnessed thousands of nonbelievers turn their hearts over to Jesu. He also made an appearance in January of 2000 in China for a one-of-a-kind televeision program during the Chinese New Year. He presented Christian music during the ninety-minute musical show for the first time in China's history on Chinese national television.

The ministry he conducts is an outreach to both believers and nonbelievers alike. "We love to see others come to know their Father in Heaven through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to make disciples of Jesus," Lee mentioned. The outreach's primary purpose is to instill the desire to meet Jesus and give their lives to Him and to see how much more fulfilling their life will be through the love of Jesus. Lee stated, "Jesus commanded us to go make disciples and I can't image doing anything else." lee continues to pursue this outreach because he loves to pursue Jesus and what Jesus has commanded us to do.

Lee loves to write and sing songs and still continues to do so. "The Bible says in Ephesians 2:10, 'For we are the workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.' I am God's workmanship, created in Christ for the works God has prepared for me and the songs that I write, and sing, are the artistry of the Lord. They are part of the ministry the Lor has called me to as an ambassador of Christ; for going into all the world to preach the Gospel. There are many methods of ministry and many messengers of the Gospel, but there is only one message and His name is Jesus. The Lord is my strength and my song, and He has become my salvation," he said as his reason for continuing to do so.

The Song of All Songs ministry is to bring you into the love of Jesus through the study guides and the worship songs so that you may know the intimate love of Jesus Christ who wants to be the Lord and Savior of every person.