Chapter One Album Cover

The first five songs on Chapter One are foundational to understanding the Songs of Solomon. Let these first five songs delve deep into your heart. I like to use anointing oil occasionally when I listen to these. Frankincense and myrrh are my favorite oils because in Songs of Solomon 3:6, it is stated that is what Jesus smells like!

Track 1: Bridegroom King (SoS 1:2a) - Ask God to reveal His intimate love and word to you...why?

Track 2: Better Than Wine (SoS 1:2b) - Because His love is better than any other thing.

Track 3: Pour Your Name Forth (SoS 1:3) - Because He smells soooo good!

Track 4: Draw Me After You (SoS 1:4a) - This song is your "mission statement" as a lover of God.

SoS 1:4a is the "first and second commandment" from the Bible: "To know and love God (Draw Me After You) and to make His love known to others (and we will run together)."

Track 5: The Chambers Of My King (SoS 1:4b) - This is God's response to your prayer for intimacy.

The next two songs:

Our journey begins in SoS 1:5 as we realize that we are dark but lovely to God. Yes, we deserve to die and be sent to hell because of our sin but God loves us deeply and sees us as for who we are in Jesus Christ. Even while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us and even while we are dark in heart, we are lovely to Him. He sees the "yes" to God's love that by grace has entered deep into our spirit and because of that, we are beautiful to Him. This song is important to get deep in your heart. Let this song just wash over you repeatedly. God loves you and wants you to have a deep, personal connection with Him - intimacy without shame, guilt, or fear of any kind. Even though you are weak and make mistakes, you are lovely to God. Trust and follow Jesus - He will help you grow.

Track 6: Dark But Lovely - As long as we live in these mortal bodies, sing this song.

Track 7: The Shephard And His Sheep - Follow Jesus and stay in the body of Chris.

The next two songs:

You are amazing to God. He sees you for who you are. You are the bride of Christ. He sees where everything is leading and within Chapter One already, He's whispering sweet messages into your spirit about who you really are. You are like His favorite filly among an army of majestic and powerful horses. Sing His word back to Him. His plan for you is beautiful. He is always faithful and will perfect His love in you and to give you "ornaments of gold and beads of silver."

Track 8: Filly Of The King (SoS 1:9-10) - You are the Lord's chosen.

Track 9: Baptize My Heart (SoS 1:11) - He is perfecting His word in your heart.

Regarding the last song on Chapter One:

The last song on Chapter One and te first four songs on Chapter Two are a "five song set." We need to stay in this place for quite some time. Go deep here and stay until "He calls you off the couch." Jesus desires for you to "know" Him intimately. He'll let you know when it's time to get off the couch and run together. Seek intimacy with Jesus. Now is the time to go in deep; deep in love with Jesus.

Track 10: You Are Mine (SoS 1:12-17) - Hours and hours, forever and ever.