Chapter Two Album Cover

The first four songs on Chapter Two are part of a "five song set" that actually starts with the last song on Chapter One (You Are Mine). We need a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus in our hearts (this takes time). Of the thousands of hours that I've spent in the Song Of All Songs, I have spent hundreds of hours weeping here in "this place." This portion of scripture is some of the most intimate and beautiful worship in all of the Bible. Stay in this place of worship as long as it's needed, as long as it pleases. The Lord will call you when it's time to get off the couch and take risks on mountains. You need to get deeply connected to God; stay here on the couch.

Track 1: The One That You Love (SoS 2:1-2) - Jesus says you're His favorite; sing this song to Him.

Track 2: Apple Tree (SoS 2:3) - Jesus, there is none like You; awaken Your love in me.

Track 3: Lovesick And Longing (SoS 2:4-5) - Jesus, Your love is my food; sustain me, refresh me.

Track 4: Here On The Couch (SoS 2:6-7) - Rest deeply; KNOW this intimate place in Jesus.

The next two songs:

Jesus is now calling His love to come out of the comfort zone, to trust and follow Him into a place of risk. Tasks that you once thought were impossible now stand before you like mountains and Jesus is calling to you to trust Him and ascend the mountains with Him. He has established in your heart a place of deep and personal intimacy with Him and now He's calling you "off the couch" to come run with Him.

Track 5: The Voice Of My Beloved (SoS 2:8-9) - I love the violin (voice of my Beloved) in this song.

Track 6: Come Away (SoS 2:10-13) - We are growing in love.

The next two songs:

It's normal to be afraid of stepping out in faith; mountains can be dangerous. "You, there in the secret place in the rock (Jesus), keep looking and singing to Jesus." He loves it, even when you're afraid.

Track 7: Dove Song (SoS 2:14) - Jesus, I love You. Jesus, I need You.

Track 8: Jesus We Love You (SoS 2:14) - Dedicated to dear loved ones who are trying to understand.

The next song:

We are all so fragile in our hearts. We all have areas in our lives that trouble us. We want to grow and become strong in our faith and to trust Jesus in areas of risk; but then there are these foxes!

Track 9: Catch Us The Foxes (SoS 2:15) - They keep wrecking our new tender beginnings.

Track 10: You Are Mine/Reprise (SoS 2:16) - Jesus, You are mine and I know where You feed me.

Track 11: Until The Day Breaks (SoS 2:17) - I'm just too afraid to go run on the mountains with You.

You're going to love Chapter Three through Chapter Eight. More Lord, More!