Welcome Gleanors!

Dear friends, eat of the body of Christ! Beloved ones, drink deeply of the wine of the Holy Spirit!

Welcome Partners!

Message to partners:

The Song of Moses, the song of the Psalmist, and the prophet Isaiah agree, "The Lord is my strength. He is my song and He has become my salvation." God is our strength, our song, and has become our salvation. The Lord is the King of kings, the Lord of lords, and the Song of all songs.

The Song of songs has become my 24/7 house of prayer. My prayer for you (as my co-partner in the Song) is that you will quickly grow in the one-hundred fold revolutionary revelation of the Song of songs and that you will quickly know the 24/7 power of the Most Holy Place (which may be found in the ministry of the Song of all songs).

"One molecule of the fragrance of this Song lodged in your spirit has more power than all the traditions of men, more power than false teachers and false shephards, and more power than trillions of dollars worth of programs and financial stimulation."

This Song was given to me freely; yet, with a great cost. What has taken well over ten thousand hours for me to freely receive, I pray you will quickly receive (and much more) in one thousand hours. Let Your word run forth swiftly Lord for there are evil men.

My life is dedicated to pressing into this Song and I hope to record something yet this year for SoS Chapter Three, Chapter Four, and Chapter Eight (perhaps a simple guitar and vocal demo). I am hoping to finish most of the writing this year for Chapter Five, Chapter Six, and Chapter Seven. Your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated and needed. A one-time partnership (perhaps a donation for CDs or downloads) or a steady monthly partnership will help me to keep pressing into this Song (Lord willing) to see this Song awaken a generation.

Over the years, I have written a monthly prayer newsletter. If you would like to receive my prayer newsletter (as my co-partner in this Song), please send me an email requesting the newsletter.

God bless you!

Lee Behnken

P.S. - If you wish to have the Song of all Songs CDs (or any of my CDs or live praise and worship DVDs), it's helpful to me that you send your order via the postal service. It may be old fashioned, but I can fill orders better when there's an order sitting on my desk. Sometimes I'm out for a month at a time so I'll try to check my web store for Internet orders as often as I can. Thanks in advance!