Selections From Song Of All Songs Album Cover

The Song of Solomon has within it some of the most beautiful revelation of “heaven on earth” in the Bible. Early teaching on this book refers to the “Song of Songs” as the “Holy of Holies”. You will find a beautiful new language for worship in the Song of Songs; awakening love for your beloved King of kings in the secret place, the garden of your heart... in the holy temple of the living God.

These 10 selections are taken from the 80 songs of the Song Of All Songs… and were prepared especially for the Feast of Tabernacles celebration in Jerusalem, Israel.

Read along with the Bible references and meditate on the scriptures as you listen to the “Selections from Song Of All Songs” and discover “the secret place” God has prepared for you in His best of songs... the Song of Songs.

**** = The key verse for this amazing book is Song of Solomon 4:7.

Track 1: Dark But Lovely (SoS 1:5-6) - This is where the journey begins.

Track 2: Apple Tree (SoS 2:3) - This is where you find rest, shade, and refreshment.

Track 3: Lovesick And Longing (SoS 2:4-5) - This is where you grow in lovesickness, trembling before the Word of God.

Track 4: Holy Of Holies (SoS 3:4) - This is where you can feel God's heavenly love in your heart.

Track 5: I Am Who I Am (SoS 4:7) - This is where you begin to see the beauty God sees in you. ****

Track 6: Locked Garden (SoS 4:12-16a) - This is a picture of God's protection and your fruitfulness.

Track 7: We Give You Glorious Praise (SoS 6:4) - This is where you see eternal victory.

Track 8: Like A Palm Tree (SoS 7:7-8a) - This is a picture of your faith and ministry to God.

Track 9: Your Holy And Annointed One (SoS 7:8b-9a) - This is a picture of how you satisfy God.

Track 10: Hear On The Couch III (SoS 8:3-4) - This is where you are right now and forever.